Urgent Puppy Information!
Update - 8-17-2011

Of the 7 parvo pups 4 survived, 3 passed away.  Our vetting costs are HUGE and we can still use donations to help offset some of the costs so please pass this around!!!!  Also, the 2 emaciated pitty pups are doing FABULOUS!!!  One week on good food and they have doubled their weight!!!!

Anyone who would like to help S.A.F.E. Sanctuary with a donations can go to www.safesanctuary.org and click on the paypal button.  Donations can also be sent to S.A.F.E. at 309 NW 11th St, Faribault, MN. 55021.  We are a 501C3, non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.  We are a very small group and we do everything we can possibly do to help dogs in need, we are not funded by anything except our adoption fees which many times are less then we spend on the dog for vetting.  Please post and cross post this email, sent it to everyone, we seriously need some help!!!

I am attaching before and after 5 day, pics of the pitty pups, its amazing!!!!!

Parvo Puppy Situation
We have a litter of Lab mix pups that have broke with Parvo. 4 are currently sick, 2 more have not gotten sick, yet and 1 died. We need everyone's help!!! If everyone we know donates even a buck or two we should be able to raise enough to cover at least some of these babies medical expenses!!!!
Please HELP!!!! Donations can be made by going to
 www.safesanctuary.org and clicking on the Paypal button!!! All donations are tax deductable, SAFE is 501C3, non profit!!!!!


Dumped Puppy Situation
Today while battling with Parvo puppies I received a urgent phone call from the Animal Control Officer in Owatonna, MN.  Some jerk had dumped 4 puppies on the side of a road in a box.  He brought them to me and I took them to the vet, 2 were so far gone there was nothing more we could do, pictures are of the two we are working on saving.  These pups are pitbull puppies, they are about 4 weeks old, the brindle girl weighs one pound, the black girl weighs 2 lbs.  They are walking skeletons.  They do have Coccidia and we are treating for that right now, we will post more as we go but lots of prayers are needed for the girls, its not pretty.  Our vet figures that the dumping part is not what caused this, this has been going on for a long, long time, some asshole starved them and then dumped them.  Its been a rough day!!!  Anyone wanting to help us out it would be greatly appreciated, between these 2 and the 6 parvo pups we are going to need donations!!!  Donations can be made at www.safesanctuary.org, just click on the paypal button!!!!  Please any size donations will help!!!!  Please cross post!!!