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Want to Help Foster for S.A.F.E?






Phone Number:


Are you 18 or older? Yes No

Do you rent or own your home?

If rent, do you have landlord permission to foster? Yes No

Please provide landlord's name and phone number:

If you own, do you have a fenced yard?
Yes No

How tall is your fence?

How do you intend on exercising the animal if needed?

Do you have Children in the home?
Yes No

Ages of Children?

Do you have a doggie Door?
Yes No

What interested you in becoming a Foster/Volunteer for S.A.F.E Sanctuary?

Are you interested in fostering (check all that apply):

Foster Cats Foster Small Dog Foster Medium Dog Foster Large Dog
Foster Kittens Foster Puppies

Do you own pets of your own?
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Breeds/Age of pets you currently own:

Are your current dog vaccinated for Parvo/Distemper and Rabies?  
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Are your current cats vaccinated for distemper and rabies?
Yes No

Are your current cats Feluk tested?
Yes No

Results and where were they tested?

Will your current Pet(s) get along with a new animal?
Yes No

Are all members of your family free from allergies to cat hair and dogs hair?
Yes No

Are all members of your family in agreement to Foster for SAFE Sanctuary?
Yes No

Will you be able to commit to attending the adoption events 1-2 times per month?
Yes No

Do you have access to a computer (email, facebook, etc)?

Do you have the ability to get the animals to and from the vet clinc for vetting?
Yes No

Who is your current veterinarian/phone number?

Any thing else you would like to add: